About Yeg Culture

I was born and raised in Edmonton. I grew up in this city, went to school here, work here, and I have only just started to venture out into this great world of ours in the past couple of years. I love to travel and being in other places and soaking up their rich culture has made me appreciate all the great things we do and the things we create in Edmonton. There are tons of stories coming out of Edmonton.

I am on a quest to see more, and do more, both in my own city and abroad. I seek both the well travelled destinations, tourist hot spots as well as the back alleys and country sides seen by few. I embrace new experiences.

On Yeg & Beyond I write about great local spots where people are gathering for local food & drinks and music and the awesome people of Edmonton that are creating and doing amazing things. When I travel, I write about the great spots I find in a new city, but I see those places as a means to inspire me to find similarities in my home city. What truly makes a city is the people, and how we live our lives. Edmonton is home for me.



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