Shopping Local on Boxing Day


In Canada the day after Christmas is a federal statutory holiday called Boxing Day. Offices, banks and postoffices are closed, and if the day happens to land on a Saturday or Sunday a person will receive a day off from work the following week “in-lieu” which means instead of or in place of.

Boxing Day is typically viewed as the shopping day of the year in Canada. Although offices are closed major shopping centres and many small local businesses stay open to entice customers to their stores with the sales, and often bring in high revenues due to the volume experienced on this day. The shopping experience can be a hectic one on this day, and navigating your way around for sales is not for the faint of heart especially at the major malls in our city. The parking lots are packed, the ques are long and the anxiety is at an all time high. The holiday can be viewed by some as being consumer overload, after all Christmas time is the highest consumer debt month of the year, however, if you are already looking to spend money and spend your Christmas gift cards you might as well do it in a way that saves you money.

Unless you are in the market for some electronics and applicances, and don’t mind standing in line for hours I would recommend avoiding the malls and shopping centre outlets. There are other places in Edmonton to go shopping where you can avoid the insane parking lots and big box stores who have sales frequently throughout the year. Now is the perfect opportunity to sample some great local products offered at the local shops, and score a bargain or two while doing it.

Whyte avenue or Old Strathcona (82avenue) from 99th street all the way to 111th street there are an array of different kinds of shops to take in. Not only is the public transit right along whyte ave handy to avoid the traffic, but there is also a few parking lots just off whyte to park your car, or residential spaces and street parking (which is free on stat holidays). Because of the stat holiday a lot of small street shops decide to stay closed, which is fair choice for them and their staff, but it’s really too bad to stay closed on the busiest shopping day of the year.


Here is a list of shops on Whyte that WILL be open on Boxing Day. Most of which are offering sales (most sales promos are not posted until the day before or day of).

Clothing & Accessories:

Dress Code recently opened on Whyte avenue offering some of the latest fashion from Korea and Tawain. Great sales on Boxing Day. Check them out.

The Bamboo Stockroom is the addition to Bamboo Ballroom on Whyte ave that has some great local products and unique fashions, they also carry OLE brand Alberta and YEG hoodies which I love and “Still in Edmonton” hoodies.

Bamboo Ballroom, Noul (loft 82), Original apparel, Jaisel (Men’s Fashion)

Workhall, Gravity pope, Mars & Venus, Plush, Marlowe Boutique, Roots, Foosh, Glam Slam, Avenue Clothing Co, Rowena

Soaps/Bath product: Wild Prairie Soap, Lush, Chapters

Music: BlackByrd Myoozik

Home Decor, Books, Art and Collectibles: When Pigs Fly (maybe), Wish List Gifts,

Whyte Knight as I discovered is a store above Mars & Venus on Whyte ave and has a massive amount of collectibles and vintage products still new in the original packaging! They will have a few mark down items, but it is a great opportunity for some nostalgia.

Take a break: Tea/Coffee (products & services) – The recently renovated Block 1912 will be open for your sweet tooth needs and coffee break during your shopping trip.

When you need a break from the shops or when you are done for the day take a break at Hudson’s on Whyte for 50% off all drinks on the menu. Malt & Mortar will also be open to take a load off after your busy day of shopping.


More shops around town: Still in the mood for more local shopping? The Makers Keep 121street across from the Brewery District (Open 12pm-4pm) has a collection of local made products from accessories, clothing to art and home décor.

Red Ribbon on 124th street has great local products/designers (if you cant make it there, try the online sales).

Most shops on 104th street are closed.

Have a great time shopping for the New Year. Looking forward to 2017!



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